Get addresses or landmarks from locations using the HERE 'Geocoder' API. The return value is an sf object, containing point geometries with suggestions for addresses or landmarks near the provided POIs.

reverse_geocode(poi, results = 1, landmarks = FALSE, url_only = FALSE)



sf object, Points of Interest (POIs) of geometry type POINT.


numeric, maximum number of results (Valid range: 1 and 20).


boolean, retrieve landmarks instead of addresses (default = FALSE)?.


boolean, only return the generated URLs (default = FALSE)?


An sf object, containing the suggested addresses or landmark names of the reverse geocoded POIs.


If no addresses or landmarks are found near a POI, NULL for this POI is returned. In this case the rows corresponding to this particular POI are missing and merging the POIs by row is not possible. However, in the returned sf object, the column "id" matches the rows of the input POIs. The "id" column can be used to join the original POIs.


HERE Geocoder API: Geocode


# Provide an API Key for a HERE project set_key("<YOUR API KEY>") # Get addresses addresses <- reverse_geocode(poi = poi, results = 3, landmarks = FALSE, url_only = TRUE) # Get landmarks landmarks <- reverse_geocode(poi = poi, results = 3, landmarks = TRUE, url_only = TRUE)